Welcome to Rancho Pura Vida

Mini-Prix Jan2012

Alejandro Salazar

… specializes in the training and instruction of hunter, jumper and dressage horses and riders in Sacramento and north-central California. Alejandro’s passion for horses and riding began when he was a young boy in his homeland of Costa Rica. Now as a professional trainer and competitor, his enthusiasm, expertise and dedication to the sport he loves is demonstrated in all aspects of his programs — from elevating the abilities and performance of seasoned competitors to starting the young horse under saddle.

Pura Vida!

… is the national greeting of Costa Rica. Translated “Pure Life” or “Good Life”, the phrase represents to Costa Ricans a philosophy of life enjoyed fully, difficulties overcome with a resilient and positive spirit, strong community ties, and hearty celebration of good fortune, large or small.

At Rancho Pura Vida, we strive to create an environment where our clients can safely enjoy their passion, grow ability and confidence, inspire and be inspired … become champions!



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